Even though the items that are described as lower clothing are very diverse in the textile sector, this variety is limited to skirts, trousers and trousers skirts when it comes to hijab style. Don't be scared by the lack of variety. If the parts are assembled correctly, even if you use the same trousers over and over, no one will ever know that it is the same product. In addition, there are so many options even for a trouser concept today, even when choosing from the existing product groups are likely to have difficulty. When you look at the date there was no difference between men and women in terms of clothing. In general, all people were wearing clothes that were suitable for seasonal conditions. Over time, this phenomenon changed, the concept of fashion emerged and the ways of clothing for men and women separated. When it comes to the present day, the active participation of women in all areas of life, the presence in the working life and, when necessary, the hard work of men caused some changes. Of course, the masculine line approach, which is also a trend, was added to the trend, and women's pants, which are considered as men's clothing, began to be in demand. The pants, which are now frequently preferred by women, are also offered to conservative women in line with certain lines. Being comfortable, modern, being applicable to many fabrics with very different cuts, it makes it possible to appeal to every woman who has adopted this form of clothing.