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etesettur advantages
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The lead shopping website of conservative women, E-tesettur,offers you the most outstanding brands of modest clothing and their newest collections. In addition to the pioneer brands of the industry such as Kayra, Doque, Armine, Nihan, Tuğba&Venn, Puane, Selam Giyim, İklim; you can also find haute couture brands such as Pınar Şems, Pınar Akşam, Tuay Karaca, Ara Zeynep Bilyay, Muslima Wear on E-tesettur.The essential pieces of modest dressing shawl/scarf models with various options like silk scarves, chiffon shawls, Arabic models and pleat shawls are offered with affordable prices for you. Prefered by many in both summer and winter, Muslim coat/topcoats, modest abaya models; modest skirts, A cut skirts, maxi skirts, patterned skirts, leather skirts take place in E-tesettur’s rich collection of clothes.With its collection addressing all ages and budgets thusproviding easy shopping opportunity, E-tesettur offers both classical and modern modest styles.Maxi dresses, summer dresses, winter dresses, loose cut dresses and haute couture evening gownsare presented on E-tesettur for you. With its plus size modest clothing line, E-tesettur won the favor of plus size women; and you can reach plus size products of brands such as Zernişan, Loreen, İpekdal, Nk By Korkut, Burcum BCC, Zenay, Deniz Akdağ, Kayra, Doque easily on E-tesettur. Prefered by modest women at sea and pool, modest swimsuits and hasemas of colourful and various models are within your reach by just one click. Not only clothing items but also house life, bags, shoes, accessories, children clothing products are also available on E-tesettur for online shopping.While in house life category bedroom sets, table cloths, prayer rugs and mop sets are presented, in cosmetics category you are offered halal shampoos and alcohol-free scents to purchase safely. In addition, the products you can find for 0-4 and 4-12 aged children in the mother-children category will make mothers happy with their prices and models.The pioneer website of online shopping E-tesettur gives you the opportunity of purchasing the products with the options of paying at the door and installments to your credit card. Common ground of modest women of all styles and ages, E-tesettur brings the products of your choose to your door with just one click. We update our products daily and you can purchase the ones suitable for your liking and style with benefiting installments and sale advantages. In E-tesettur’s clothing collection, in addition to the dresses, skirts, tunics, vests, ponchos, modest swimwear and modest tracksuits; you can reach the complementary pieces of modest clothing; topcoats and jackets. E-tesettur has modest night gowns and dresses for your special events among its fertile clothing collection! Besides the silk scarf and shawl collection for your daily use and special events, also don’t forget to look at accessories such as bags and jewelleries on E-tesettur!

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