Membership and Privacy Policy WebSite") is a contract for the membership of Bedesten electronic merchandising and trade. A.Ş. ("Our Company") is an e-commerce company.

Our contact details are as follows (address: İvedikköy Mahallesi 1492. Cad. No:11 Yenimahalle / ANKARA, Tel: 0850 200 9 200, E-posta: [email protected]). (mersis No: 0461043567800015). Our company is a member of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO), you can learn the rules of Ito's professional conduct on or 444 0 486 phone.

In order to establish this membership agreement, simply enter the desired membership information and the password you will find, give the specified confirmation and/or permissions, and press the [Complete Membership button. We kindly ask you to enter the mandatory information in full and error-free; If you notice an error, fix it. If you notice the shortcomings/errors you have noticed after the completion of the membership process, you can revise the information section of the member entry or contact our customer services at 0850 200 9 200 no.

When your membership transactions are completed, we will send this membership information-agreement (in form-text) to the mailing address you specified in membership info. It is also located on our site as form again. A text such as "Special" (which has been entered as a party) contract text can also be maintained in our company systems.

You may terminate your membership at any time without any justification and no penalty for any of the above-mentioned communication channels, with any verbal or written notice to our company (to leave the membership of our site). You may also use the "unsubscribe" link contained in all e-mails sent by our company; Likewise, our company may terminate their memberships.

The privacy, protection, processing-use, commercial electronic communications and other aspects of our company and the member-customer information below apply to the terms and conditions of the confidentiality rules-policy and terms of use.

The necessary precautions for the security of the information and transactions provided by the members are taken in the systems and the Internet infrastructure of our company or related organization according to the information and the nature of the transaction. All credit card transactions and approvals in your use of our site are carried out online by the relevant bank and similar card organizations, regardless of our company (Credit card "password"). Invisible and not saved).

The information entered into our site for membership, product/service purchases and information update, and confidential information for credit card and debit cards cannot be viewed by other Internet users.

Our members ' information can be explained to relevant organizations within the framework of our responsibilities that are stipulated by legal regulations. Furthermore, the personal information they give during the membership process and any non-personal information relating to purchases from our site, in accordance with the laws, the Bedesten electronic merchandising and trading. A.Ş. Company (*), partners-business partners, successors and/or third parties/organizations to determine their All kinds of products-service promotion, advertising, promotion, sales, marketing, store card, credit card and membership information, applications and transactions for a period of time to be carried out indefinitely or legally/anticipate your company and the specified Can be stored in written/magnetic archives, available, updated, shared, transferred, and processed with other products. For promotional, advertising, promotional, sales and marketing purposes, we also store card, credit card and membership information, transactions and applications for all kinds of products and services in accordance with the laws of our company. Merchandising and trading A.Ş. can make social, commercial and other electronic communications via SMS/text message, instant notification, automatic search, telephone, e-mail/mail, etc., and commercial electronic messages can be sent to our members.

The privacy-safety policies and terms of use apply to other sites accessed from our site; The use of information from websites that can be accessed by advertising, banner, content, or any other purpose may be caused by the ethical principles of the sites, privacy-safety principles, quality of service, terms of use and other applications Our company is not responsible for the dispute, material-moral damages and losses.

The information that members receive from our site or other sites linked to it on our site are informed, advertised and advertisements, as well as the decisions they make in the framework of any suggestions, as per any Members are responsible for the consequences of the process and application.

If the members are notified of the stated surrogates and/or the communication to the parties, information, publicity and advertising resulting from the purchase of a product/service, the process shall also be provided to the consumer agreement and legal Of course. The consumer agreement is applied between its terms and parties. In order to purchase from our site, you will see the terms of the pre-information Form-distance sales agreement in each transaction.

Our members can stop personal data usage-processing and/or commercial electronic communications by contact our company at any time and without any justification (above-below) from the communication channels specified. According to the member's explicit notice, communications to the side of the personal data transactions and/or channels induced will be stopped within the legal maximum period (accord to the law, possible transactions and communications are ongoing). Furthermore, if a member wishes, the information is deleted from the data record system or anonymised in a way that is not identifiedor otherwise identifiable. Our Company can always apply and receive information about the processing of personal data if a member requests. Applications and requests in these matters shall be fulfilled within the legal maximum periods or be accepted by the legal justification.

With all the information and content related to our site, their arrangement, revision, and partly/wholly use; According to our company's agreement, except those belonging to other third parties; ALL intellectual-industrial rights and property rights are owned.

Our Company reserves the right to make any changes to the products, services and opportunities required by the above issues and to its members; These changes will be effective from the moment the company is announced by the site or other approval methods; All Campaidns are subject to the advertised terms.

You can consult our company for additional information on all these issues.

Our members can contact our company by reaching their requests and complaints through the following communication channels.

Address: İvedikköy Mahallesi 1492. Cad. No:11 Yenimahalle / ANKARA, Phone: 0850 200 9 200 , [email protected]

We are pleased to welcome all kinds of complaints with our members ' justified claims. If it is not possible, you can apply to the provincial and district referee delegations and consumer courts in your settlement within the statutory monetary boundaries.

Bedesten Electronic Merchandising and Trade Inc. .

Your Consent For Commercial Electronic Messaging And Other Considerations the contact information and other personal information that I give to your site during the membership/purchases, and any personal and non-personally identifiable details of my purchases from your website, in accordance with the laws, your company Electronic merchandising and trading A.Ş. Company, partners-business partners, successors and/or third parties/organizations that will determine the need for legal requirements, all kinds of product-service promotion, advertising, promotion, sales, marketing, store card, credit card and membership To be registered for a period of time, for which your company and its applications are provided with the purpose of making transactions, information and practices, or for a time in which they shall be legally/anticipated, maintained in written/magnetic archives, To be used, updated, shared, transferred and processed with other products.

For the purpose of various promotional, advertising, promotional, sales and marketing purposes in accordance with all kinds of products and services, likewise, store card, credit card and membership information, transactions and applications of your company Bedesten electronic merchandising and trading . A.Ş. Company accepts and agrees to send commercial electronic messages and other messages via SMS/text message, instant notification, automatic dialing, phone, email/mail.

Please tick the relevant box (click here) to indicate that you have accepted the above issues and that you have granted permissions-approvals.

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