Satin Bonnet

Formerly used as a thin gauze caps now been presented to the esteemed ladies of the many types of cases. Lace, cotton, conservative types like satin bonnet which women are choosing according to their convenience and preference. They prefer that they do comply with kombinleriyle. Today, most cotton caps used, colors can be left to the disadvantage washed frequently. For this reason, it is more convenient to use satin bonnets. Besides bone beneath scarves satin evening dresses are preferred. They make it more elegant and harmonious. Lacy bonnets stylish show is still built turban. usually in the neck wrap and appear somehow connected Salas; and it is not suitable veil and can be annoying. The ready-made bonnets and shawls designed for ear and neck into the field without the use of needles are exposed bone, leaving only the face frame.

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