Reached prostrate on, so small carpets used to pray, rugs exhibition terms. Prayer rugs, derived from the Arabic word prostration. Rug, Muslims in the period they give examples as the most beautiful in all artistic disciplines, has held an important place in the art of weaving. To distract the prayer rugs, patterned much for the institute to engage your heart. they lay down the top of the Qur'anic verses, hadith, and the Kaaba mosque image does not matter. in different patterns to our site and you will reach the prayer rug set. You can choose different colors and models according to your taste. Rugs may consist of one or several parts set. fine processing on them, needlework, lace, guipure, found details like embroidery. lace for gift, you can choose to use more simple models. You can put the rug team to set the dowry and engagement bundle. also ordered that the model you choose you are in the territory of Turkey will be in your hand within 15 days. from the date you receive your product within 15 days, you are entitled to return any unused and undamaged so. Phone and e-mail or by way of the before and after sales service can get the customer service representative. You may benefit from credit card and payment options through the door, even outside the country can get your cargo delivered to the address you want. E-veiling Gown of the headscarf, the Accessory Bag products not only to customers who prefer him to all kinds of needs, can offer the opportunity to closely follow fashion trends suitable kombinleyerek by the selected product. Modern and sober dress style to keep track of where they are in the trend of women, to come forward with pleasure Wherever they are located, quality and elegant appearance with is e-veil in order to draw attention online sales of the best addresses in your one click beside any time you want. Hijab is where you can find everything from clothing on quality service and secure shopping concept with e-veiling is accompanying you every moment of the day and night to wish you an enjoyable shopping.

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