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Order-Contract Pre-briefings

For the order in which you are exporting to our www.e-tesettur.com.tr electronic commerce site, you must make a distance sales contract (contract) in the Bedesten electronic merchandising and Tic. A. Ş. Our contact information is as follows (Address: İvedikköy Mahallesi 1492. Cad. No:11 Yenimahalle / ANKARA)

Tel: (0850) 811 64 61 / (0850) 200 9 200

E-mail: [email protected]). (Mersis No: 0160071804600014)

From now on our site, we will express the order of goods/Services ("Product/Products") to be purchased by our valued consumer (including those made through the application on your mobile device) and thus Technical stage-steps on the order-contract, as well as the technical tools for fixing the errors during your information entries, you will be notified in the relevant pages during your operations so far In accordance with the messages). If there is an error in the introduction of information about your order (data) on the website, the relevant warning message could be resumed by correcting the transaction. It is possible to resolve any errors that may occur when entering your payment information in the same way. You can contact our customer services (0850) 811 64 61 phone For information entry lines that you notice after the payment process has been processed.

When the consumer approves the agreement, the product (s) The order is charged by the payment method selected on this page.

The consumer has the right to withdraw from the order-contract without incurring any justification within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the product.

However, the contracts for the following goods/services, even if they are not used/resigned, have no legal right to withdraw: a) the consumer's special requests or goods prepared in accordance with its personal needs (by making amendments/additions Personalized/personal needs, special products imported from or outside the country in accordance with the buyer Order) b) cosmetics, etc., such as chocolate, etc. can be quickly perishable or may pass the expiration date, such as food items Goods c) Again after delivery of cosmetics, swimwear, underwear, etc., protective elements such as packaging, tapes, seals, packages have been opened and returned to health-hygiene-unsuitable goods D) after delivery are blended with other products and by nature Non-possible goods e) computer consumables with all kinds of products such as packaging, tapes, seals, packages, books, CDs, DVDs, audio and video recordings, software, etc. with digital content; VI) All services that are instantly expressed in electronic environment and any non-material goods delivered instantly to the consumer f) The price varies depending on the fluctuations in the financial markets and the goods or services that are not under the control of the seller or provider G) Except as provided under the subscription Agreement, periodical publications such as newspapers and magazines H) must be made at a specific date or period, accommodation, goods handling, car rental, food and beverage supply, leisure or leisure for recreation purposes Time Assessment Service i) the services that have been stated within the time of the withdrawal with the buyer's consent, and J) purchase of the buyer's commercial/professional purpose with other goods-services, which are generally accepted outside the scope of the sales in accordance with the relevant legislation What he did.

In the case of legal withdrawal, the consumer is responsible for the changes and defects that occur because of the use of the goods, its functioning, technical specifications and instructions in accordance with the use of the law and therefore As you can lose the right to withdraw, we are entitled to discount the product price for change/distortion if we accept it as old.

Within the maximum of ten (10) days of the related product in the case of withdrawal, the expenses must be sent to our address above to the consumer. However, it is also possible for our contracted cargo company-Cargo (which has made its product delivery to the consumer or another near) branch free of charge to our side.

Within the maximum of ten (10) days of the related product in the case of withdrawal, the expenses must be sent to our address above to the consumer. However, it is also possible for our contracted cargo company-Cargo (which has made its product delivery to the consumer or another near) branch free of charge to our side.

By law, the right of withdrawal is not entitled to the right of withdrawal in the foreseeable state, but the consumer loses its rights to deter it if it is not duly used or timely.

With the registration of the above mentioned requirements in the period of time and by the consumer, within 14 days of the date the withdrawal notice reaches our company, the product price and the delivery costs of the product, if any, when purchasing the product is returned to the consumer in accordance with the payment tool it uses. Nevertheless, our company, the law-appropriate withdrawal and other order-contract cancellations, the consumer, the party acquired on the website and/or the payment of the product price, etc. For any reward points used for the purpose of the monetary (DE) Valid collectible-offset rights, including contractual and statutory rights-obligations are present and reserved.

The current rules for our company and the consumer in terms of transaction security, protection of information, confidentiality, handling and use of commercial electronic communications on the website are provided below. The consumer can consult with our company by contacting the communication tools stated in these matters at any time.

Above-and after your acceptance by confirming the agreement on the website with the following, we will send all of them to your email address (mail) you have specified with your order confirmation and save it to your device by storing it at any time As you may have access, the company will be retained in the systems of the neat in accordance with applicable laws and for a maximum of three years.

Other Preliminary Information

The information in this Form is for commercial purposes pursuant to the Law on Consumer Protection No. 6502

The product/services listed below are sold by the seller to the buyer who has the designation of consumer

with the purpose of profit.



Bedesten Elektronik Mağazacılık ve Tic. A.Ş (Mersis No: 0160071804600014)


İvedikköy Mahallesi 1492. Cad. No:11 Yenimahalle / ANKARA


(0850) 811 64 61 / 0(850) 200 9 200




[email protected]




Buyer (Consumer):

Name,Surname/ Title:











Order Contract Product, Price, Payment And Delivery Conditions

Delivery information including the type, quantity, brand/model/color, brim prices, sales fee and payment (collection) information of the products (goods/services) and the delivery location reported by the buyer are as stated below. If the delivery company does not have a branch where the consumer is located, the consumer must receive a delivery from another close branch of the seller (notified to the consumer in this regard, e-mail/mail, SMS or telephone). Other terms of delivery are as follows.




Collection Information

Payment Method: #paymentmethod# / #grandtotal#

Delivery Information:

Name,Surname/ Title:









Invoice Information:

Name,Surname/ Title:









The product of the order is delivered to the consumer/the third person at the above address, with the condition that the legal 30-day period is not exceeded.

The seller is sending and delivering products through the contracted cargo company for shipments. If this cargo company does not have a branch where the consumer is located, the product of the consumer, the cargo company, must be received from a close other branch reported by the seller.

Products in stocks are delivered to cargo within three (3) business days from the date of the order. However, if there are campaign products in the same order, the campaign will be expected to expire and then within 3 (three) business days at the latest, all products in the order subject are ordered by the consumer

delivery to the notified person and address is given to the cargo company. Cargo companies are transported to the seller in the average of 2 (two) business days under normal conditions, although the shipments are changed according to their distances.

Delivery costs (shipping fee, etc.), unless expressly stated in general and otherwise. belongs to the consumer. The seller may not reflect all or part of such delivery costs to the consumer, depending on the campaigns that it carries out at the time of sale and announced their terms on the website.

If the delivery of the products is not present at the time of the consumer and the person at the address does not accept the delivery, the seller shall fulfill the issue in this regard??? will be accepted. In case there is no one to take delivery at the address, it is the responsibility of the consumer to follow the shipment of products by contacting the cargo company. If the product is to be delivered to another person/entity from the consumer, the seller shall not be liable for the absence of this person/organization or accepting the delivery. In these cases, the expenses incurred due to the consumer's late delivery of the product to the product's cargo company and/or for the return of the cargo to the seller belongs to consumers.

Each person who will receive the product is responsible for controlling the product at the time of delivery and when he sees a problem arising from the cargo in the product, not accepting it and attaching the report to the cargo company authority. Otherwise, the seller will not accept any liability.

The consumer must have fully paid the sales price, including costs, before receiving the product. In advance sales, the seller may unilaterally cancel the contract and deliver the product if the product price is not completely paid to the seller prior to delivery, and the installment amount due to the installments in the installment sales is excluded.

For any reason after product delivery, if the bank/financial institution owned by the transaction credit card is not paying the seller or refund the price it pays, the product will be available to the seller by the consumer within 3 days at the latest Returned. If the payment of the product price is due to an unfair instruction or objection or negligence of the consumer to the bank, the cargo costs will be borne by the consumer. All other Akdi-statutory rights, including follow-up of the seller, will receive the product price without accepting the refund, and are also reserved in all cases.

In terms of avoidance of hesitation; In cases where the consumer pays the sales price of the credit card owned by the banks (including the financing agencies), the installment card, etc., all the facilities recognized by these cards are credit and/or installment payments provided by the issuer of the direct card; The product sales that occur in this framework and the seller's price, or to which Peyder Pey collects, is not a credit or installment sale in respect of the parties of this agreement, in advance sales. The seller's legal rights (including the rights to be paid for termination of the contract and/or the payment of all remaining debts in conjunction with the default interest) shall be available and reserved in accordance with the relevant legislation, in the event that the sales are not paid in the terms of the installments. In the event of the consumer's contact, a monthly rate of interest is applied as stipulated by applicable law.

Delivery of the product to the consumer within 30 days of the legal maximum period of time. In case of extraordinary circumstances outside the Normal sales/delivery conditions (such as air opposition, heavy traffic, earthquake, flood, fire) due to the inability to deliver the legal maximum 30-day period, the seller shall present the consumer with regard to delivery Contact information. In this case, the consumer can cancel the order, order a similar product, or wait until the disaster expires.

In the event that the seller cannot supply the subject of the contract, it is clear that within three (3) days of the date of its learning, the consumer is clearly and with one of the same tools to notify the customer of the product in an equal quality-price We may supply another goods/service and the contract is deemed to have fulfilled its commitment. If the consumer is free of all respects and does not consent to the approval of the issue, the contractual provisions of the order cancellation (termination of the contract) shall apply.

Special provisions to be applied in the terms of the consumer's order contract when purchasing the product and/or paying the seller using reward Points

With an organization that earns rewards points, etc., between consumer and seller, the reward Points are discounted in purchases from the seller's website, etc.?? In the presence of a current agreement, which allows the seller to deal with the agreement, the consumer, the vendor in question, and likewise its contract with the aforementioned entity, the reason for the exchange of this order-the subject of the contract has gained such a reward score, The amount of reward points, gifts and similar amounts acquired by the consumer with the purchase of this contract subject to the withdrawal of this agreement and a refund to the consumer in the case of termination/order cancellation with the misc. (Monetary Value) is rolled back from the consumer.

He said: This rollback is sufficient if the seller has a different method of agreement with the relevant organization, except that the consumer has the aforementioned organization-system (excluding the reward points acquired with this purchase)-and if there are any other reward points, then the award is first The seller's return to the consumer, if not available, is deducted from the price of cash (offset).

In the case that the consumer is made with partially/completely reward points, such as the payment to the seller in the subject of this contract, and the price of the product purchased by this face, the consumer's product will be paid back to the When purchasing on the site, the seller may be refunded to the consumer (as points), unless the seller has a different agreement with the relevant organization.

As a general rule, in cases where the consumer is determined to gain or use unfair reward points in any face, the monetary value of such reward points-the amount of the seller by the consumer (credit card, cash and Other legal methods). This provision also applies to the cost of goods given to the consumer by the seller as a result of the implementation of such a system.

Other considerations related to the acquisition and use of reward points and similar

The agreement between the consumer and the seller is governed by the provisions of the contracts, the seller,

There is no need to use any specific rights in the contract-agreements in the form of the consumer and the Organization, and/or any other business name and/or account in the same system.

The reward points, gift vouchers, etc. that are earned from the seller or used by the seller are not accepted in any case or in any way.

The seller does not accept any liability for any material, legal, financial and non-financial outcome of the dispute between the consumer and the aforementioned organisations; The above provisions are valid and reserved.

The foregoing provisions apply to the reward points acquired and used by the consumer directly from the seller, if any.

The consumer (other Exchange buyer) who uses the reward points, etc. in the website/seller for the reward points or payments to the seller, is deemed to have accepted the above special terms (also).

Security-Privacy, Personal Information, Electronic Communications And Intellectual-Industrial Rights Rules

Privacy, confidentiality, handling and use of the information on the website and the terms and conditions of the confidentiality rules stated below in the current principles and policies apply.

The measures required for the safety of information and transactions entered by the consumer on the website are taken on the basis of today's technical possibilities, according to the nature of the information and process in its system infrastructure at the seller's side. However, the responsibility of taking the necessary measures, including those related to viruses and other harmful applications, is to be inaccessible to consumers by the consumer, because the information in question is entered from the consumer device. belongs to the consumer.

The information acquired during the membership and purchases of the consumer website is the seller, including the Bedesten electronic merchandising and trading. A. Provision of various products/services by the current and future subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, successors and/or third parties/organizations to identify them, and any information, advertising-promotion, promotion, sales, For electronic and other commercial-social communications aimed at marketing, store card, credit card and membership applications, it can be noted for the duration or time of their successors, in printed/magnetic archives. Can be stored, updated, shared, transferred, transferred, available, and processed with the misc. This data may also be communicated to the relevant authorities and courts in case of legal requirements. Consumer-personal-non-existing and new information, legislation on the protection of personal data, the use of the above scope in accordance with the electronic commerce legislation, sharing, processing and non-commercial Electronic communications and other communications have been granted consent.

The consumer can always stop data usage-processing and/or communications by reaching the vendor from the communication channels specified. According to the open notice of the consumer, personal data transactions and/or communications to the side will be stopped within the maximum legal time; Furthermore, if they wish to do so, they will be deleted from the data recording system or anonymized in such a way that they are legally required and/or otherwise identifiable. Transactions relating to the processing of personal data if the consumer wants, the persons being transferred, the correction of the missing or incorrect, the information that is corrected, the deletion or destruction of the data, the automatic systems The objection to the emergence of a result against itself with the analysis of the contrary, the reason for the processing of the data in violation of the law in case of damage to the seller can always apply and receive information. Applications and requests in these matters shall be fulfilled within the legal maximum periods or be accepted by the legal justification.

Regarding the arrangement, revision and use of all information and content of the website; According to seller's agreement, except those belonging to other third parties; All intellectual-industrial rights and property rights are available to seller and Bedesten electronic merchandising and trade. Belongs to A. Ş Group.

The Seller reserves the right to make any changes he or she may see required in the above subjects; These changes will be effective from the time the seller is announced by the Internet site or other appropriate methods.

In other sites accessed from the Internet site, their privacy-security policies and terms of use apply, and the seller is not liable for the consequences of the conflicts and the results of the MENFI.

Some Other Considerations

If the product price has been charged in the order cancellations and termination of the contract, including the appropriate deterrence and the law, within 14 days of the maximum, the product will be returned to the consumer in accordance with the vehicle that pays the price. For example, for credit card payments, the refund will be made with the consumer credit cards, and the product amount is returned to the relevant bank in the same time after the cancellation of the order by the consumer; In any way, the seller will not be responsible for any possible delays arising out of such initiative because the bank transaction process is completely reflected in the consumer accounts after the refund process is made by the seller. is not responsible (the transactions of banks to the consumer account of the refund usually can be found three weeks).

For the price to be returned to the consumer, the seller has an offset, discount and tenzilate rights arising from the contract and the law and is reserved. Consumer statutory rights for cases where the contract is terminated by the consumer due to the failure to express the seller's edii are also available and valid.

The consumer may contact the seller in an oral or written manner by reaching the above-mentioned communication channels of product and sales claims and complaints. As a seller, we are pleased to meet all kinds of claims with our consumer customers ' justified demand-complaints. If it is not possible to connect to a solution in this way, the consumer wishes that the Ministry of Customs and Commerce shall be in the settlement of the city and the county itself or the seller (where the residence resides) within the specified and declared monetary limits. The consumer can apply to the judges ' delegations and consumer courts in case of exceeding the borders.

With these preliminary information, the consumer will constitute an integral part of the distance sales agreement in the case of approval, the main feature of the product/products for sale-qualifications, sales price, payment method, delivery procedures and personal Information-electronic communication and reward Points are informed in all matters including the terms.

This order-all comments and information in the contract pre-notification are valid as of the moment the consumer approves on the website and shall be bound by the seller and consumer (buyer) in conjunction with a distance sales agreement between Charged.