Miss Vaqa chose the models that could appeal to people from all walks of life by introducing the clothes designed for the 2019 summer season not only for indoor women but also for outdoor women. Tunic weighted and narrow cut trousers that can be worn underneath and clothes that can create beautiful combinations were tried to be obtained. There are several dresses and skirts in different colors for those who may prefer long skirts or choose long dresses up to the heel. Dalie model skirt can be considered when these models are preferred. In order to be able to choose among many models, Miss Vaqa brand name is also another interesting subject. The male white collar Beatris tunic, which is given a long white color and double details up to the back skirt heels, can form a beautiful combination with a narrow cut contrasting trousers that can be worn underneath. Melisa tunic and Elis trousers combination can be a very stylish choice as long as the color preferences can be made correctly. In the Miss Vaqa catalog, where mainly tunic models are predominantly included, Rita, Alita, Iva Miss Vaqa hijab tunic models are also included in very stylish designs. Evony model tunics are among the models that can be preferred in terms of creating wearing comfort due to its long back skirt. Miss Vaqa brand clothing which can be found in Etesettür online sales page, can be found especially in the kinds of campaigns with reasonable prices. Prices start from 100 TL. Powder color, baby blue and black and purple tones are among the preferred colors. Miss Vaqa brand is one of the most preferred designs in terms of both color and models. Those who want to reach these designs should look at the catalog models on the page. Ordering can be done online by telephone or over the internet for the choices to be made among the popular products. After the ordering process is completed, one of the credit cards used according to the preferences of the people and installment options can also be utilized. Due to any inconvenience during the order, the order can be canceled or exchanged according to the conditions.