Mislinas brand mostly included felt cap, evening dresses and capes in 2019 summer season and seasonal models. Numerous different evening dresses in the designs are presented to the likes and preferences. Jan Jan chiffon dresses and black evening guipure dresses for special occasions, evening dresses with tulle skirts and lace tops are presented in the catalog page with extremely elegant looks. The details of the applique and sequins embroidered on the sleeves of the evening dresses are given on the page as evening dresses. In addition, taffeta models, fish dresses with stones on the front are also included in the evening dresses on the etesettür page. The chiffon cape details, which make an extremely elegant look in the evening dress models, are among the most popular models in these dresses. The designs are mainly black, but generally all colors are used. Especially in some bindallı models, the embroideries are decorated with dazzling details with their colors. Mislinas are available in outer costumes. These are robust felt cup models designed with health and usage in mind. Designed with thin felt in mind, these models provide extremely warm handling and robust handling. This model is considered on every other outfit, seasonal cloak is one of the most preferred models. In the cup models, some embroiderings, rather than self-patterns, have created a very elegant appearance in the cups. Designed for cool weather in the coming autumn season, these outfits are offered to users in many different models. During these times of technology age, people can make their own shopping without getting up from their places and there are also Mislinas evening dresses and Mislinas hijab dress models. Everyone can find the opportunity to shop as they wish by looking at the catalog models on the pages. There are also installment options. These installment opportunities offered to various credit cards enable people to enjoy products and shop without tiring as a result of their shopping. Etesettür online sales page contains products in more than one brand and the products can be purchased through the catalogs offered.