Turkey's biggest company out with the idea of ​​becoming scarves, fashion to reach the target as anyone who wants to make scarves and Miray everything that trend accessibility has become an international company in a short time. To know Miray better; Exclusive designs scarves, fashion lovers on their way to deliver Miray, Turkey and the Arabs who lived fashion privileges of the country, which is the forefront of innovation in the world of textile Miray, fashion is not just about see the scarf. It also includes quality products in Clothing Textile. The pulse of fashion ?? Besides holding, in the heart of textile specialist and experienced team headquarters in Istanbul with operations gösteriyor.miray models scarves, scarves are among the best known companies in Turkey. By following what is trend today, it aims to reach this new and modern era. Miray scarf, which has an international reputation, is among the most well-known Turkish scarf brands especially in Arab countries. Miray scarf, which can easily reach its users with etesettür, is ready to use with its 5TL bonnet. Available in white, light mink, dark mink, cream, pomegranate and red. There are also too many options as scarves. The color options on canvas scarves are available in both mixed designs and colors, as well as flat. There are also spotted, marbling, flower patterned scarves. The colors and designs are completely left to the preferences of the people and there are different patterns of each color. In addition to scarves, it is also an indispensable part of the Miray scarf collection. Reversible patterned scarves are among the most stylish designs for women who love weight. A scarf is an important part of a woman's combi with at least as much as the appearance on her head. For this reason, the ladies decide to buy their scarves by looking at their clothes and shoes and bags. This integrity requires many alternatives. Not only color, shape and patterns on the scarf are preferred. Therefore, the place of the scarf is very important in the life of women. While Miray scarf types are designed, they produced models that can adapt to the taste and preferences of women. Miray scarf products in Etesettür online page are very suitable with a price of 20 TL. There is a color and pattern product that can be offered to anyone who wants. For this, it will be enough to make a choice by looking at the online sales page. All details about the desired product stand and product information can be found in the catalogs of the pages. Etesettür, which provides ease of purchase in every way, provides service to its customers with the catalog of Miray brand products.

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