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İndirim Fırsatı

100% Silk Scarf

The type of woven silk scarves silk scarves terms Sura (slick and glossy), Twill (Twill Scarf) (matte and easily connected) is divided into two parts. Twill (Twill) is 100% pure silk, silk and silk Sur. There is no difference in quality between them. These two silk of the things that makes it different structure, texture, space that is used is about style and usage habits. Satin also called Sura silk, Twill is slick and glossy than silk. Very soft and has a smooth structure. Shaping is more difficult. Twill (Twill) than matte silk and silk Sur is voluminous. Forming is very easy. Sura silk scarves by women, especially middle-aged and older used. Twill Silk Scarf is the easy way to get by is mainly used by business women and youth. Because you can get stuck immediately exited. Twill and according to your usage may vary depending on the choices of Sura silk and the product itself. Some patterns also appear more pleasant Twill silk sur Some patterns. many companies create brand silk scarves on our site, with affordable prices, discounted offers to consumers. Any season is not connected to the scarves are particularly preferred frequented by young people or working women. In Armine, we recommend that you do not exceed the investigation found that the famous brands such as silk scarves categories Kayra. In addition, scarves and shawls category alongside dresses, tunics, cap, coat, blouses, pants, skirts, vests, cardigans, trenchcoat, ferace, shirts, suits, maternity wear, designer brands, parenting and many different categories such as home life, the product you can find. Our site is laying in front of you with a click of everything you have in your clothing and accessories aimed at providing safe and quality shopping opportunities. For everything about the veil pass without visiting y.

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