Fragrance all men and women are especially indispensable when you go out that they use cosmetic products. Some of these scents combine in a small bottle and fruit scents and essences of various plants are unique beauty. various plant extracts obtained by chemical methods people are bringing their impressive flavor by placing the bottle. is also selected so as to give different effects depending on the season, these products give a pleasant algı our nose multiple olfactory various combinations. For example, summer light, spacious and refreshing scents are preferred and fragrant aroma of blooming flowers in the spring is especially preferred by women. In the winter people snow, cold and gray weather fascination that aims to exotic scents. Choosing the appropriate Odor Stateful We prefer the smell may also vary according to the importance of the day. men and women in a meeting or an important dinner may want to use heavier and expressive aromas. When we go for a walk on a beautiful spring morning we may ask our nose is fresh and light floral fragrances. Usually 2-3 we can get on with their fragrance spray pattern around a few hours or all day on us by the wonderful aromas that can spread the construction process. Odor Types of Applications and Recommendations Using the type of odor leaving the varieties. It can be used as a spray in small glass bottles while skin types driven roll-on bottle in style ball or the kind that you can apply to your neck and squeeze your fingers on your wrist if there are drops. Which it is another kind of smell that is not found in deodorants with natural essences and scents atmosphere of damage usually preferred style bottle. The smell that we need to be careful when applying apply to the territory in which the good smell. Neck and neck portion, behind the ears and wrists easily applied to smell and plenty of places to spread it. Roll-on style odors can use the lower the seat. Refreshing and people will look for everyday use, we chose scents will not heavy. We can choose lavender and peach essence for it. the smell of the issues we have to implement a note wrong. The effect that we expect people to use extreme and intensely can not give out. Odors that symbolizes our connection with life naturally people are attractive and pleasant hissettiric an indispensable product.

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