Evening dresses are generally known as flashy and low-cut women's clothing which is worn on special nights such as engagement, henna, wedding and circumcision. As e-hijab, we break this phenomenon and present models that prove that evening dresses do not have to be decolleted. Produced by many of the companies we cooperate with, model, decoration, processing and style, which does not look at all low-cut clothes, a new and extraordinary window opening elegance evening dress models can be found on our website, you can combine the accessories on the same page and effortlessly have products that come to your door. . It is not surprising that the term French dress represents elegant, glamorous, flashy clothes. However, we would like to share that the word ‘abiye an, which is also used as a lady's name, means beautiful, elegant, thin, shy woman whose face is covered with veil. At the same time, the term gösteren abeye gösteren, which is similar to the evening dress, represents a kind of dress that is usually dark, abundant, spilled from the shoulders to the feet, produced especially from embroidered fabrics and worn in Muslim countries such as North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Iran and Egypt. When all this information is combined, the concept of evening dresses for conservative ladies are elegant but modest, modern but not decollete, long, unclear body lines, which can be prepared from many fabrics from chiffon to velvet and appear extremely elegant when combined with suitable scarves. Produced in accordance with every body and taste, hijab evening dresses are now being used intensively by fashion designers. Chirping, end-to-end models that are particularly suitable for young people are noteworthy. Evening dresses in hijabs do not only mean abundant and long dresses, the diversity in the fashion sector has increased so much that there are many kinds of overalls, two-piece dresses, top and bottom dresses, loose trousers and tunics, and kaftans. Solid color shawls or scarves are generally recommended as hijabs on evening dresses. Bracelets and rings can be used as accessories. This is the best combination because your ear and neck will be closed and you will usually wear clothes made of moving or embroidered fabrics. You can find all these products on the e-hijab page. Virtual shopping allows you to access many product options simultaneously and easily. The important thing is that the product presented to you visually the same, timely and smooth shipment, and if possible otherwise, the sender must take this responsibility. In this sense, when you look at the evening dress selection that provides the most diversity and the most reliable address you can choose e-hijab with peace of mind.