Alfasa is the first choice of women who adopt the hijab style. Offering a wide range of products to its customers with different model and color options, the brand manufactures especially necked bonnet models. The upper part is coated with chest and the lower part of the models are made of draped fabric. Water repellency is ensured at the highest level with the products sent in its own special bag. Products that do not adhere to the body and dry quickly are extremely beneficial in terms of health with these properties. Tunic-like seafood prepared with short-sleeved and short tights model is preferred not only by the ladies who adopted the hijab style but also by the women with different body sizes. S size starting from 3XL size to expand. With Capri tights models, products that can be a part of daily life are shipped with caps of appropriate colors. Considering maritime fashion all over the world, it is noteworthy that hashema models have been preferred by women who want to be protected from skin cancer recently. Alfasa hijab swimwear models, which want to be protected from the unwanted effects of the sun, have a rich creation with different patterns, colors and embroideries. As a general rule applied especially in hygienic products, it should be known that there is no possibility of return in the products of this collection before shopping. The products offered with wide body options are offered to customers' appreciation with advantageous prices. A new era was opened on the coasts with these products, which disrupted the tradition of swimming in the sea with clothes. Unhealthy sunburns can be prevented by the models which are preferred by those who have health problems against the sun and especially white skinned ladies and children. Products which are divided into different models as full hijab or half hijab are shaped according to the preferences of the users. The models produced from poor quality fabrics may cause body fungal diseases while not showing the body lines. You can have Alfasa branded products with e-hijab guarantee with the models produced from non-swelling and easy-drying fabrics when you enter the water. You can get the taste of the sun with the swimwear fabrics used in the new model hashes.