A Club By Armine makes a difference with useful products specially designed for women who have adopted hijab style. Ladies who want to use the scarf as long as they want and for a long time can provide easy use by using scarf spray. You can have the look you want with the products that allow the model to be connected as you want and remain in the form that will not be spoiled until the next cleaning. The spray, which is squeezed remotely while the scarf is open, is prepared for ironed use. With the shampoo prepared for the cleaning of silk scarves, your scarves that you look like your eyes can be used for a long time. Silk scarves should be washed with gentle movements and without fencing. Again, the products that need to be squeezed with slight movements can be ironed warm when dry. A Club By Armine offers a solution to the needs of scarves of different sizes and patterns of the ladies who have adopted the hijab style. You can order scarf models that make a difference with their special colors and patterns online and you can get an idea about the different usage patterns while you examine the model you choose. You can also get an idea of ​​how the model looks from the back with pictures taken from different angles. When using our products prepared with prints that do not contain carcinogenic substances, you can achieve a more effective use by using spray. With our e-hijab assurance, our services will give you a pleasant online shopping experience. You can see the different colors of the product you are examining on the same page and you can make your color preference easily. You can shop at discounted prices with free shipping and pay at the door at the same time. Our telephone ordering services are particularly beneficial for customers with questions. You can enrich your scarf collection by choosing from patterned or plain models. Our models, which are produced from bright and soft fabric, will enable you to make a difference in the usage stage thanks to the vibrant colors in the patterns. For long-term use, it is recommended that silk scarves be cleaned using dry cleaning. Direct use of the scarf should not be used when using perfume. Those who prefer handwashing should use A Club By Armine shampoo using cold water. If the product used is not left knotted when it is removed, it will ensure that the same product will be used for a long time with the quality of the first day.